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• Planning with your Day of Coordinator begins about 6 months prior to your Wedding Day

• One Day of Coordinator will be present at your rehearsal for up to 2 hours.

• One Day of Coordinator and One Wedding Assistant will be present on your Wedding Day for up to 12 hours.

• We will serve as the point person and director for your wedding. This includes being the point contact person for your Vendors and Bridal Party.

• You will have full access to the emergency kit.

• We will respond to any last-minute emergencies or changes.

• We will assist the Couple, Wedding Party, and Immediate Family.

• We will provide wedding etiquette advice and solutions.

• We will be ready for ANYTHING so that YOU can enjoy your Wedding Day STRESS FREE!

• We will be by your side during the rehearsal and entire Wedding Day in case you need anything! 

Prior to the wedding:

• One meeting via Zoom or in person upon booking.

• One meeting via Zoom or in person six weeks prior to your wedding.

• We will develop and execute a Wedding Day timeline and distribute it to your Bridal Party and Vendors.

• We will develop a list of the Bridal Party, their contact information, and order of Bridal Party entrance during your wedding.

• We will develop a list of Vendors and their contact information.

• We will develop a list of photographs that you want your Photographer to capture.

• We will communicate with all wedding Vendors 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding.

• We will join you at your final meeting at your venue.

• We will remind you prior to your Wedding Day about anything that you need reminders for. Including, but not limited to: coordinating things with and distributing payments and tips to Vendors, scheduling your final venue visit, purchases that you need to make, making sure everything you need is ordered and set up, and more.

• Venue drop off can be completed by us. We can drop off your guest bags, favors, decor, and more at the venue for $350.


~What was the biggest benefit of having a Day of Coordinator?

~Do you feel it was worth the money that you paid for our Day of Coordinating Services?

~In what ways did you use our services that you did not anticipate?

~Did you have to use any items from the emergency kit that we brought to your wedding?

~Without the Day of Coordinating Team from I Do!, do you think the timeline would have been followed?


We will be present at the rehearsal.

• We will help coordinate the rehearsal if needed.

• Rehearsal dinner venues can be researched and priced by us for an additional $300.

• Rehearsal dinner attendance and coordination can be added for an additional $400.

Wedding Day:

• We will pick up food for the Bridal Party for the pre-wedding festivities.

• We will carry out the timeline that we created and coordinated with you. We will distribute and ensure that the timeline is followed by your Bridal Party and vendors. (This includes flowers, transportation, photos, hair/make-up, and everyone involved.)

• We will distribute final payments and tips to your vendors on the day of your wedding.

• We will provide your photographer the list created of all of your requested poses and combinations for photos prior to the ceremony, during the ceremony, after the ceremony, and during the reception. We will be present during photos being taken to ensure this list is fulfilled.

• We will retain your marriage license and get it to the Officiant.

• We will retain the wedding bands, get them to the photographer for pictures, and then deliver them to the Best Man.

• We will set up your ceremony location, flowers, pew bows, welcome signs, etc. if needed. If your venue is setting things up, we will assist and ensure they are setting everything up according to your plan/vision.

• We will print out and put reserved signs on certain rows/chairs, along with tissues for special guests.

• We will pin boutonnieres on and distribute corsages to the Bridal Party, Attendants, and Family Members.

• We will instruct the Groomsmen/Ushers on the best way to greet and seat your guests.

• We will give the ceremony programs to the Groomsmen/Ushers.

• We will greet all wedding vendors and guests and direct them.

• We will remind the Bride to move her engagement ring from her left hand to her right hand before the ceremony.

• We will direct the wedding processional, if needed.

• We will fluff the Bride’s dress during photos, before walking down the aisle, and at Virgin Mary if needed.

• An additional Wedding Assistant is required for larger weddings and church weddings. There will be an additional fee of $500.

• Wedding day pre-wedding food/drinks for the bridal party can be researched and priced by us for an additional $150.

After Ceremony:

• We will assist in gathering the Bridal Party and Family for photographs.

• We will coordinate the removal of any flowers, decor, and other personal items from your ceremony location and deliver them to the location that you want them to go. 


• If needed, we will set up your guest book, place cards, favors, etc.

• If the venue or DJ does not provide, we will direct introductions of the Family, Bridal Party, and the new Couple.

• We will update the couple every hour on the time. (It goes fast!)

• We will pack up wedding gifts for the designated person.

• We will collect all personal items and wedding decor and get them to the designated person.

• We will hold and provide the Bride with her change of clothes/shoes, if needed. 


Examples of last minute things that we have done: 

Run to nearby stores for needed items,

Run to your home to collect any forgotten items, 

Help guests and vendors carry in items,

Hold phones, 

Have change of clothes/shoes ready, 

Have that one Groomsmen take down the picture that picture that he posted on Instagram of the bride/groom before the first look/wedding, 

Get food and drinks for the Bridal Party, 

Make sure venue is fulfilling your wishes with set up and other plans and if they aren’t, 

Call your limo driver if you leave anything in the limo, 

Get it done correctly, 

Change and confirm hotel reservations for guests, and more!


50% is due at the time of booking. 

The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding.

There may be additional fees for traveling, depending on location.